2016 Schedule of Shows

Open Photography Show
This exhibit is open to members and non-members. A limit of six entries are welcome in the following categories: color, black & white, and digital (25% or more of the original is enhhanced).
Sunday, January 3 and Monday, January 4
(1-4 p.m.)
Artist's Choice
This exhibit is open to members only. There are no restrictions on genre or medium. Per PPAS rules.
Sunday, January 31 and Monday, February 1
(1-4 p.m.)
Student / Faculty
Open to members only who have participated in a PPAS sponsored art class within the last two years. Participants are welcome to exhibit works produceed for the class or classes they attended.
Sunday, March 6, and Monday, March 7
(1-4 p.m.)
Open Abstract
Open to members and non-members, a limit of three entries. Any media are welcome.
Sunday, April 3 and Monday, April 4
(1-4 p.m.)
Open to members only. Any media, as long as it depicts flowers.
Sunday, May 8 and Monday, May 9
(1-4 p.m.)
Windows and Doors
Open to members only, depicts windows and/or doors of any media.
Sunday, June 5 and Monday, June 6
(1-4 p.m.)
July Fur, Feathers or Fins Open to members only. Depicts animals, birds or fish in any medium. Sunday, July 3 and Monday, July 4
(1-4 p.m.)
Buildings / Structures
Open to members only. Any media as long as it depicts some form of building(s) or structure(s).
Sunday, July 31 and Monday, August 1
(1 to 4 p.m.)
September Drawing / Pen or Pencil Open to members only. Participants are welcome to exhibit works drawn in any kind of pen or pencil. Sunday, September 4 and Monday, Sept. 5
(1-4 p.m.)
October Scapes (Land, Sea or City) Open to members only. Any media, as long as they depict landscapes, seascapes or cityscapes. Sunday, October 2 and Monday, October 3
(1-4 p.m.)
November Mayor's Choice Open to members only. A limited number of entries will be selected by the mayor for purchase and hung in the city's permanent collection in city buildins and offices. Sunday, November 6 and Monday, Nov. 7
(1-4 p.m.)
December Still Life This exhibit is a members only show. Any media accepted, as long as they depict a still life. Sunday, Dec. 4 and Monday, December 5
(1-4 p.m.)

Descriptions and dates/times are subject to change. Check this page regularly.